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Chimney Cleaning as low as $95

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Professional chimney cleaning

Protect your home and family today!

Everyone loves to sit in front of the fire, but if your chimney is not properly cleaned and maintained, you may be flirting with disaster. Soot and ash can build up in the interior walls of your chimney which can block dangerous flue gasses like carbon monoxide from finding its way into the atmosphere.


Don't worry, though! The experts at Chimney USA Inc. are here to help you by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting your chimneys so that you and your family can safely enjoy many hours in front of a warm, comforting fire.


For a limited time, you can call and receive a full chimney cleaning for AS LOW AS $95.00! Take advantage of our FREE estimates and video inspections.

Take action to prevent house fires

Be sure to get your dryer vents cleaned out every 2 years as recommended by the NFPA. Dust and lint build up can be a starting point for a devastating house fire. Be sure to contact Chimney USA Inc. and protect your family and your home today!

Did you get your chimney cleaned yet?

The NFPA recommends a yearly cleaning for safe chimneys

Look out for the local wildlife

Birds and squirrels often times find chimneys at great places to make their nests. Sometimes even raccoons have found their way into them. Be sure to protect the animals and keep your chimney clear from blockage with an animal guard installed by our qualified professionals.

Chimney inspection guide